Photos of your work play a massive role in how you gain new clientele. Read these secrets and stand out from the rest…


Lighting is KEY. A ring light is highly recommended, as it can serve as your work light AND photography lighting. If you do not want to invest in a large ring light, a phone ring light (right) also works great! It clips right onto your phone and you can adjust the lighting while photographing. These two options are the most budget-friendly. 


While taking pictures of your work, you want to make sure your angles
are flattering to your work, and your client. Future clients love to look at
previous work before they book, and they are most likely going to choose the tech with the higher quality pictures because their photos are more
pleasing to the eye. We highly recommend before & after pictures, as well as side profile photos!



The way you edit can change everything! In the first picture, we used no lighting and took a straight-faced photo. In the second photo, we made some minor adjustments on her skin, whitened her eyes, and adjusted the settings of the photo. We also enhanced the contrast to make the lashes pop! Here is a simple checklist for editing face photos:
– Smooth skin (a natural amount!)
– Whiten eyes
– Bring up the exposure to illuminate the photo
– Add contrast to make the lashes POP


Editing photos does not require any fancy software, there are many apps on your smartphone that will do the job! Pictured above are our top three recommendations for most common and user-friendly photo editing apps!
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