Here is the real secret to long-lasting lashes…

Although the activator bonds the glue and lashes, it is not responsible for ALL retention. Other factors that play into retention time are:
– Humidity
– Temperature
– Customer Care


A humidifier works to keep moisture in the air, therefore increasing humidity levels of the room. The purpose of a humidifier while lashing is to be able to correct your room’s humidity on any occasion, in turn determining how well the lashes stick. 



Paired with a humidifier, a hygrometer will SAVE YOU! It measures the temperature and humidity in the room, so you are able to see what you need to adjust! It saves you time and unhappy customers!



Of course, Fabu Activator is ALWAYS the last step to perfecting your lashes! Gently apply using a micro brush and an extremely light hand- too much activator will cause the glue to crystalize. Brush through and reveal your masterpiece to your client!

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