Building your own home lash studio? These are MUST-HAVES!

Massage Bed

#LashNaps are the main part of your service, so it is important that your client has a comfortable experience while getting lashed. The chair does not have to cost an arm and a leg- a simple adjustable massage table does the job. One important thing to remember is to make sure it is a comfortable height for you to work, as the lash tech! Along with this, an optional blanket helps clients feel more comfortable. 

General Seating

You must remember that your clients may bring people with them, whether they be kids, friends, or future clients! Delivering the same comfort level to their guests is just as important, so make sure to provide seating for them!

Face Wash

In order to apply lashes properly, your client’s skin must be free from any products. Since some clients may forget, or do not feel comfortable with bare skin, a gentle oil-free facewash and towels will come in handy!

Environmental Extras

1. Humidifier: The key to curing the glue used during eyelash extensions is maintaining the correct humidity level.  If you live or work in a dry environment, a lash humidifier is an essential tool for you!>2. Speaker: To play music, of course!3. Ring Light: Not only is this perfect lighting to take before/after pictures, but it can also double as lighting while you lash away.4. Decor: A decorative mirror goes a long way in enhancing your salon’s aesthetic. Your clients are given a spot to admire their lashes, and it’s a great photo opportunity! 

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