The best ways to tackle those tough lashes before a fill… PAIN-FREE for both you and your client!


The press method should always be the first approach you try. When two lashes are stuck, press firmly on them with your tweezers to see if they will naturally unstick themselves. 


If after the press method the lashes are not separating, find a small division between the two lashes, gently insert the tip of the tweezer, and use another tweezer to pull the lashes apart slowly. 


The pop off method only works when the extension is not fully attached and found dangling off the natural eyelash. Using one tweezer, grasp the original lash very still to minimize pain. Using another pair of tweezers- we recommend the FABU MINI CURVED– start from above the first tweezer, and slide the extension upwards and off the natural lash. 


The banana peel method works when at least 30-40% of the natural lash is visible and has enough accessible space for a tweezer. In this case, peel each extension apart from tip to root, and MAKE SURE that the natural lashes don’t peel off with it. If the lashes unstick from one another but do not come off the natural lash, you may also apply some FABU PASTE REMOVER and slide the lash off. It is important to make sure this lash stays isolated from the rest so the paste does not transfer. 


These procedures are meant to be PAINLESS. It is important to consistently check in with your client before, during, and after the process to make sure they are not feeling any pain. 


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