Prepping the eyelashes is 🔑 to fresh, longlasting lashes. Follow these steps!

1. Face Wash

Just in case your client is wearing product on their face prior to their appointment, it is important to provide face wash. We highly recommend Aveeno Foaming Wash (not sponsored!!), because it is extremely gentle, oil-free, and inexpensive. In the case of makeup buildup in the lash line area, you can also use this face wash to gently remove buildup using micro brushes, and follow with instructing the client to rinse off their eyes. You can find a demonstration of cleansing with this link.

2. Eye Patches

Eye patches are a necessity for every client to wear for the entire duration of the appointment. Because of this, it is important that they are comfortable and hydrating. The Fabu Hydro-Gel Eye Patches are not only both comfortable AND hydrating, but they are also slip-resistant and lint-free, making them easy to work with! Make sure to stock up!

3. Primer

After cleansing and applying the gel patches, the last step before the eyelash extensions application is to apply our Fabu Primer Cleanser 2 in 1. This primer effectively removes any leftover residue and sterilizes the lashes, while also increasing retention time. After this step, you are now ready to apply lashes!

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