Like People, No Two Lashes Are The Same.

Classic lash extensions come in a variety of fibers, but we use silk lashes because it's the softest and most natural feeling.

Just like people, extension styles vary and come in many different lash curls, lengths and thicknesses. Each of them play an important role in how a finished set of lash extensions will look on each client.


Classy Babe

The personality of Classy Babe 1D is equivalent to the “girl next door.” She prefers a natural makeup look and has a low maintenance lifestyle.

She enjoys spending time outdoors and doesn’t follow society’s expectations or trends. She wears lash extensions for herself, not anyone else.

Girl Next Door


Soft Glam

The Soft Glam 2D personality is a summer beauty and social butterfly. She is a fan of iced coffee, frose and all things happy hour.

In her free time, she enjoys attempting the latest Tik Tok trends, brunching at the hottest spots in town and going on spontaneous adventures with friends. Lashes are her go to, effortless look.




The Foreign 3D personality is a jetsetter. She does her own thing and doesn’t follow the pack. She’s the mysterious girl in the shadows at the back of the bar, enjoying her drink and minding her own business.

She gives off an air of quiet confidence and is sexy without trying. Everyone notices her. Some are intimidated by her. She looks innocent… but she’s NOT. Who’s that girl???



CEO Status

The CEO Status 4D personality is a BOSS. She sets the tone in meetings, she’s not afraid to speak her mind no matter the consequences, because she makes the rules.

She doesn’t hold back, but at the same time, can be quite the smooth talker and seal the deal just by looking at someone the right way. She’s a fearless leader, risk taker and winner by definition.

Born Leader


Drama Queen

Drama Queen 5D’s spirit animal is undoubtedly the mighty lioness. Hear her ROAR. This personality is ALWAYS the center of attention, gives out a celebrity vibe and has an “it’s my way or the highway” mindset.

Her face is always beat and her hair is always snatched. She would never be caught dead in clothing that’s not a name brand and is always on top of all beauty enhancements available on the market.

Center of Attention

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