Proper brand recognition on social media is CRUCIAL to your business growth and developing your personal brand.

1. Establish Your Ground

There may be a million other Lash Mamas out there, but so what! What makes you different? How can YOU stand out from the rest? Use your differences to your advantage, and give people a reason to remember you.

2. Be Personable

Authenticity is key in building relationships, especially over social media. Let your personality shine through your profile, it is easy to pick out those who are posing and hoping for the best. There is no cookie-cutter template for the perfect #LashBoss, we are all carving our own paths! 

3. Provide VS Promote

We all love a good self-promotion once in a while, don’t get me wrong! But strictly sticking to promotions will bore your audience. You must portray the experiences that will come along from your services. For example, we all LOVE the glamorous lifestyle that stems from waking up from our lash naps! Showcasing that glamorous lifestyle not only brings new content to your feed but also draws possible clients in, who crave the lifestyle you portray.

4. Deliver High-Quality Content

High-quality content is the top deciding factor in whether users click your “follow” button. If your page aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, followers want to see what else you have in store! Always deliver high quality, or your audience will feel that you do not care about them.

5. Track Your Analytics

Make sure your profiles are set as a business account! This is so you are able to take advantage of the media tools provided, and so that users are able to identify you as a business. Along with this, many social media platforms allow you to view your account analytics. Analytics will help you track your growth, see when your followers are most active, and much more! This is KEY to your social media growth. 

6. Start A Conversation

Engage with your audience! Like and respond to their comments, address their concerns, and follow other pages as well! A great way to do this is through Facebook or Instagram stories- these generate the most views, and you are able to ask questions, host polls, and show off your business! Delivering through a 1:1 interaction provides personable and memorable experiences with your brand. 

7. Stay Consistent

Create a posting schedule, so you are able to deliver content regularly. This may involve some planning, but once you get started it will become easier to track and deliver content! There is also much software that you can preschedule your content into, making the process efficient! Inconsistency leads to poor brand recognition, because people may forget who you are. This is especially true for small businesses.

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